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Zaf Ahmed   I am not doing much Engineering anymore, although
I passed my P.E. right after leaving NBS. My 2 Chevron stations keep me busy most of the time. My wife is teaching at Jefferson Elementary for the Santa Ana School District. My oldest kid 'Omar' is in the final year of medical school. Number 2 is Sabrina, who will graduate from UCLA to go to Law School next year. Number 3 is Asmaa, she just started Irvine High this year. We lived in College Park from 1975 to 1996. In 96 we bought a new house in the newer portion of Northwood in Irvine, it's a gated community and the house is pretty nice.
Kim Alexander   Nothing new in my life except that my daughter isn't 'new' anymore.  She's officially a toddler at 1 ½.  I'm still working part time at Psomas & Associates and doing work at home so I can spend more time being a Mommy.
Inga Buchwald
Inga has reportedly moved out of state to her parents house and is doing great.  This might be in Ohio, Idaho or Michigan.  No one seems to know.  Maybe she just gets around.
Courtney Ellerbusch
Courtney moved to Northern California several years ago.  There he has his own CAD and Graphics production and consulting business. He has a few repeat clients that keep him busy about 30% of the time, so he also does temp/contract work through agencies. more
Bill Goodwin
He has been married for 11 years to Moira and they have three kids, Nelia,10, Brady, 8, and Dennis, 6.  "This is a great way to keep up with the gang." Bill has moved up north the last I heard.
Sarah (Griffiths) Spencer   Sarah has now moved back to California and is living in an apartment in Phillips Ranch.  She is working for the San Bernardino office of PBQD.  She and her husband plan to buy a house in the Inland Empire after his house in Van Nuys sells and he transfers to the IRS office in Riverside.  But, at least they are finally in the same state!
Joe Hartge   Joe left Bridgecreek to pursue other interests.  At first he concentrated on completing the restoration of his many military and speciality vehicles and selling some of excess "inventory."  However, he succomed to the pressure to get back in the civil engineering saddle has as linked up with another firm.
Stuart Hayre
Stuart married the woman he had been courting from afar while working at NBX. Her name is unknown.
Kevin Hunt
Kevin is working at Psomas & Associates.
John Loague
John is working at AKM Engineers.
Cheryl Love
Cheryl has her own CADD business going.  She loves being her kid's mom and listening to Dr. Laura. See what's new at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=46927
Chris Love   Chris has his own CADD business going.  Many of his clients are NBX members, along with the major Orange County firms and clients in Hawaii and Arizona. It is worth noting that due to the nature of his business, project information is X-tremly sensitive and is Strictly Need-To-Know.  He has added Web Site Design to his list of services. Although, you might learn more by checking out Chris' web page.  Chris is adding new info all the time, so check it often for updates. Chris and Cheryl have a new girl! Chris says, "The girl to beat all girls...."  Sorry, Chris, with your luck she will turn out to be another "girl" engineer. Good luck to the Love bunch. Check it out at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=46927
Rubio Medina
Rubio is working for an architect named Dan Iler.
Brent Muchow   Barbara and Brent became grand parents on May 27, 2001 to their first grand daughter , Jenna Rode.
Roland Penttila   Roland is working for Flatiron Structures in New Mexico as a Quality Assurance Manager for the widening of State Highway 44 which is the gateway road from Albuquerque to Farmington and the Four Corners area.  He's living in Albuquerque but working in the rural town of Cuba, New Mexico which is 85 miles away.  He says, "Thank goodness for company cars!"  He has found a new love, Peggy, and lives with her and her two dogs and four cats.  Roland's daughter Kim is still attending CSULB and has decided on a major in Biology.  She's in the class of 2002, or 2003, or 2004?
Current pictures of Roland.
Carlos Pineda
After 5 years at CDC/Tetra Tech I moved on to Penco Engineering Inc. where I am the Director of Engineering for Public Works and Residential Development. Ivonne is still working at Kawasaki, Daniel is a sophomore at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and Gabriel is in 8th grade at The Las Flores Middle School.  This year, 2002, Ivonne and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. 
Brian Powell
In April 2001, Brian changed jobs and is now working for Carollo Engineers in Santa Ana. Brian is also a part-time faculty at Cal Poly Pomona. Have you seen how his family has grown.
Dawne Reed
Dawne is working at Newport Dunes RV Resort. You can find her on friday nights at the Starting Gate in Los Alamitos playing pool with her friends.  She also loves to play with her kitties, Jam, Cupid, and Laree.
Richelle Reed
Richelle is going to CSULB. She wants to major in psych and minor in women studies, or maybe go to cullinary school to become a chef. Big difference, huh?  She is also working for Accounting Source in Irvine which specializes in recruiting in accounting and finance. 
Carlo Roco   Carlo recently had surgery and is still recovering at his home in Newport Beach with his wife Marie who has retired from Glendale Federal Savings.  He has also purchased an Astro van and enjoys driving it around town.  His email address is roccoca@net999.com and he would look forward to hearing from any NBX/Lowry member.
Mark Rogers
Information pending.
Christine (Gerken) Steele
Christine is working at CDC with Carlos.  She and Chris are now married. They had a baby boy on Friday Oct. 9, at 5:45pm, 8 1/2 lbs, 19 3/4" long, "JARED RYAN STEELE". Congratulations!
Mike Swan   Mike has left Huitt-Zollars to work on his own. Good luck Mike.
Scott Szymborski
Scott was working at IWA Engineers, but IWA was subsequently acquired by TetraTech.
John Thornton
John is working at Psomas & Associates.
Noel Valencia   Noel is working at Daniel Boyle Engineering in Laguna Hills as their CADD Manager.  So why is Noel going to Mexico so often?? (Click here to find out). Her name is Lourdes and her game involves wedding bells. Yep, the "L" bug has finally bit, Noel.  He met his fiance while he was on vacation (never did he know this was going to happen) in Sinaloa. He was to return to SoCal, go back to work, save for his yearly excersion to who knows where, but now there is only one ticket available with a final destination at the alter on March 28, 1999. Hasta la vista amigos....
Phuong Vo   Since leaving NBS/Lowry in Febuary 1995,  Phuong went to CDC Engineering.  Within a year, he left for Adams Streeter.  But now he has moved on again. More info to follow...  He is taking a night class (Fall semester 1997-98), twice a week, at Cals State Fullerton.  During his spare time, he likes to play with his daughter Tiffannie (17 months old; borned in September 10, 1996) instead of playing basketball.  He and his wife, Van, have another little one. Picture to follow.
Ronald Wong
I've changed jobs again. Now I'm working at AKM Consulting Engineers. I am happy to join the other NBXs, Jaime Moreno and John Loague in the office.

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