Courtney was laid-off from "Harding-Lawson" about a year and a half ago.  He cooled off for about 5 months working on a project around their home in Santa Rosa, a nice larger house on 1/3 acre backed-up against a hill with some redwoods and live oaks. He had to go back to work so he started his own CAD and Graphics production and consulting business. He has a few repeat clients that keep him busy about 30% of the time, so he also does temp/contract work through agencies.  Sometimes it is good sometimes not. He's been looking around for permanent work but the companies are generally small, 3-30 people with the majority under 10 employees. These small companies can't afford the "luxury" of a CAD manager. The larger companies that can are in S.F., Oakland and Walnut Creek....all over 1 1/2 hours drive plus tolls.  He/They made the decision not to do that so he's doing alot of production and some design for a variety of clients. Its less money overall, the price one pays to work in the country. He's getting a variety, everything from Architectural/commercial renovation to environmental mapping/database to manufacturing mechanical to timber falsework. About 1/3 of the work is at home.  He's running AutoCAD r14 on a Pentium 166 (and looking
to upgrade in the next 4 months). He's pushing to get all his work at home...

His current assignment began last week and after another week of "orientation" he should be able to work at home and just go into the office once a week. This office by the way is just outside Sonoma, a 25 min. bucolic backroad drive through wine country, past Kenwood, Rutherford, Benziger Kunde, etc.

Cheryl left her postion (way too much travel, she was gone 3 to 4 days every other week) and started some consulting with a new friend - a nurse practioner. Cheryl is mostly working on a new business with their oldest son Ken.  Ken will be moving up there next month with his wife to be (in June) Tricia. They will also be opening a coffee/espersso house (hopefully by May).